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Make your memories last forever with our stunning Poplar Leaf Carving. Each leaf is carefully selected for its perfect shape and size before being engraved with your favorite photo using our advanced laser technology, ensuring a high-quality and long-lasting finish. The organic and natural look of the poplar leaf provides a unique and eye-catching decor piece that is sure to impress.

Product Features:

  • Personalized photo engraved onto a real poplar leaf
  • Advanced laser technology for high-quality engraving
  • Each leaf is carefully selected for perfect shape and size
  • Lightweight and compact for easy display
  • Organic and natural look for unique and eye-catching decor
  • Perfect gift for any occasion
  • Easy to care for and maintain

Photo Leaf Carving special instructions:

  1. We recommend choosing a clear, front-facing portrait photo for the best carving effect. Avoid backlit photos and those with filters or special effects.
  2. A close-up photo of two people standing closer together is best, and please avoid wearing white clothing as it may not show up well in the carving lines.
  3. Carving design:
    # 1.: Without a background, the facial features of the subject are clear and prominent.
    # 2.: With a background, only the outline of the subject is visible.
  4. Our designer will create the optimal design based on your photo.
    * If the background is cluttered, we will only carve the subject without the background (80% default).
    * For clear and beautiful backgrounds, we will create a design with a background (20%).
  5. If you have any special requirements for your leaf carving, please leave us a message and we will design accordingly.
  6. If your photo does not meet the carving requirement, our customer service team will contact you via email to replace the photo. Please pay attention to check your email for updates.
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm

Single person, Double person

4 reviews for Poplar Leaf Carving

  1. Sarah R.

    I was blown away by the personalized photo leaf carving!🤩 It captured the essence of my favorite memory perfectly. The details are so intricate, and the colors are stunning. It’s now one of my favorite pieces of art in my home. 📷

  2. Jessica

    I’m a nature lover and a photography enthusiast, so the personalized photo leaf carving is the perfect combination of my two passions. It’s such a unique and beautiful way to display my favorite photos, and I love how the photo seamlessly blends into the leaf design.🍃💖😍:

  3. Ashley P

    I have high standards for the artwork I display in my home, and the personalized photo leaf carving did not disappoint. The level of detail and artistry is exceptional, and the way they incorporated my photo into the leaf design is just stunning. It’s a work of art that I’m proud to display in my home.🌿👌🏼

  4. Andrew

    The personalized photo leaf carving come with a photo of my girlfriend and me, and it turned out beautifully🍃. The way they incorporated the photo into the leaf design is just stunning, and it’s a unique and special way to capture a special moment in our relationship.💕😍

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